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When the emergency medical condition ends, the federally funded MA category must be closed and the individual must be reviewed for ongoing GA-related MA eligibility. Public Law Sec a. Pregnant women, through the day post partum period, beginning with the last day of pregnancy. Qualified aliens lawfully residing in any state who are honorably discharged veterans, or who are on active duty in the U.

Armed Forces, or who are the spouse, unmarried dependent child or unmarried surviving spouse of such a veteran or active service member. Amerasian immigrants admitted to the U. Members of a Federally-recognized Indian tribe, as defined in 25 U.

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Native Americans born in Canada to whom Section of the Immigration and Naturalization Act applies, who are at least 50 percent Native American blood. This group will either enter the U. Iraqi and Afghani special immigrants may receive Federally-funded benefits and entitlements to the same extent and for the same period as refugees. Special Immigrant documentation for this group may include see Appendix A :. Qualified aliens subject to the five year bar may receive federally funded MA to cover an emergency medical condition.

When the emergency medical condition ends, the individual must be reviewed for GA-related MA eligibility. Lawful aliens temporarily admitted to the U. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:. Foreign government representatives on official business and their families and servants. Temporary workers, including agricultural contract workers.

Students who enter the U. International organization representatives and personnel, along with their families and servants.

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Members of the foreign press, radio, film or other information media and their families. Not permanently living in the U. A lawful temporary alien, undocumented alien or qualified alien subject to the five year bar may receive MA to cover an emergency medical condition. As of January 1, , the sixth Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of SOBRA allows for MA benefits to aliens not lawfully admitted for permanent residence or not otherwise permanently living in the United States, if the alien has an emergency medical condition and meets the income, resources and category requirements of the MA program.

An emergency medical condition is a medical condition with acute symptoms of such severity including severe pain, that without immediate attention, the result may be:. Serious impairment to bodily functions. An emergency medical condition includes labor and delivery services. It does not include care and services related to organ transplants. The individual must meet the eligibility requirements for BCCPT, and she may receive services for the emergency medical condition only.

The alien must verify that an emergency medical condition exists by providing a written statement from a medical provider.

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The written statement must:. State that the medical treatment is necessary because of the medical condition. If a collateral contact is made, the CAO must note the information in the case record. An alien who needs emergency medical services must meet all other eligibility rules. Care provided after the emergency is over is not covered by MA. For labor and delivery services, the CAO must authorize MA starting on the date that active labor begins and ending when delivery is complete and the mother and child are stable.

There is no postpartum coverage for the mother. See Section The CAO must review the newborn's eligibility for benefits at the first renewa l. When authorizing emergency MA services, the CAO must assign citizenship code 03 to an alien who is lawfully admitted to the U. Each alien must provide documentation of alien status, unless he or she is requesting MA for an emergency medical condition only.

United States nationality law

The status of an alien is established when the individual provides a current alien registration card or other documentation from the USCIS showing the individual is residing in the U. Provides access to digitized images of the Code of Federal Regulations from through the present, including supplements. Bender's Immigration Regulations Service This link opens in a new window This link opens in a new window.

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Administrative Materials Federal immigration law is largely governed by regulation and administrative procedure. Bender's Immigration Case Reporter.

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  • In print at Law Library KF I45 Provides the latest in immigration news, case digests, regulations, and government documents. Includes practice-oriented articles by immigration law experts. Federal Immigration Administrative Decisions Combined.

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    Board of Immigration Appeals' Administrative Decisions. Office of Chief Admin. Hearing Officer Immigration Review Decisions. Cases United States Immigration Law is generally governed by detailed regulations and administrative procedures handled by federal agencies. Legislative Histories Immigration and Nationality Acts. Available in print at Law Library KF A15 2nd ser. A16 M66 I38 Legislative History of American Immigration Policy, Legislative History of Naturalization in the United States.

    Available in print at Law Library JK F84 Selected Legislative History of the Immigration Act of