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But as of today, nobody has had the courage or guts to suggest or break the real story.

I suppose if they did, it would mean the immediate de-funding of their research grants. Could it be that both the Titanic and the Hindenburg were destroyed for the same reason such as fuel efficiency beyond what the petrol oligarchs wanted? What if I told you the analyses contained within this book reveals the same motive and a similar pattern of destruction!

If they were destroyed for the same reason, that they were both too efficient from a consumption standpoint to satisfy the goals of the oil oligarchs, that would be the motive.

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If there was a motive to destroy them, then neither of these destructions were the result of an engineering failure or design flaw. Read on! Find out how they were superior to the transportation mechanisms that replaced them and are in use today! There are, and always have been serious engineering anomalies regarding the Titanic and the Hindenburg and they have never been answered with anything more than scientific thoughts jotted down on paper and sold to the public.

But it is time to point out that these stories, as accepted, have served to define our present day transportation mechanisms.

Where did the Titanic leave from?

Now, today, after reviewing the Hindenburg for 80 years, we are left with even more anomalies and lingering questions. She utilized an effective form of anti-gravity and employed diesel engines, not ones that consumed high-octane aviation fuel. And neither was the Titanic an ordinary sea-going passenger carrier. Who better to tell the story of the demise of two historical transportation devices?

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How about a person who has worked within the industry yet today has absolutely no association or contact with it? For those of you who have been reading outside of the mainstream box you have learned that much of what we originally were told about the JFK assassination, Trade Tower demolition, Gulf of Tonkin incident, Oklahoma Federal building, etc.

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As a result many now rightfully question the details related to these and many important events of the past. The destruction of the Titanic and the Hindenburg should now be in that category.

Yoda Raises the Titanic

A glimpse of the engineering genius of the Hindenburg reveals a human transport carrier years ahead of any other flying designs in and even today. What's going on here with regard to type and consumption rates of fuel? Did you know that steam powered mechanisms can run off anything that will burn?

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  • Do you know that one ton of coal has the same thermal energy as gallons of petroleum? Did you know that the Titanic could steam all the way from Southhampton, Ireland to New York on 3, tons of coal while she moved 3, passengers?

    Inside RMS Titanic - Interior and Accommodation

    Do you know that one modern Airbus carries enough fuel to power the Hindenburg 6 times across the Atlantic? This is what made both the Titanic and the Hindenburg part of one sinister plan. In addition, you can email Kenneth at explodedsteamship gmail. All volumes are free to the public.

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    There are lessons learned from the Titanic disaster that prevented future shipwrecks, but what about lessons that can prevent business failures? Lesson 1: Expect the unexpected. Does anybody design a boat to be sinkable, after all? No, but icebergs happen! Lesson 2: Plan! The ship could have taken 64 lifeboats, which would have meant space on a lifeboat for more people than were even on the ship.

    A good business plan will help you prevent this kind of catastrophe in your business. Your plan will tell you if you need to adjust the timing of when you collect on credit or when you pay debts , and nobody has to jump into the sea. Having enough cash on hand is as important to a business as having enough life boats. Lesson 3: Heed the advice of others.

    Wikimedia Commons An illustration of the Titanic sinking. The ship only had 20 lifeboats on board instead of its full capacity of 64 lifeboats, which is one of the many reasons why this disaster was as massive as it was. Blue Star Line An interior view of Titanic 2. Palmer says that Blue Star Line, the company orchestrating the Titanic 2 experience, will re-create everything about the original Titanic journey to give passengers an authentic experience — presumably sans shipwreck. Blue Star Line An interior staircase aboard Titanic 2. Blue Star Line An inside view of Titanic 2.

    After this look at Titanic 2 , check out some haunting photos of the Titanic just before and after its tragic sinking.