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The Selangor State Government has announced that it had identified more than 2, illegal factories in the state and those sited on private agricultural land would be given three months to either cease operation or apply to convert the land to industrial use.

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DAP proposes that the Special Committee under the Chief Secretary be entrusted with the task of helping to regularise or legalise all illegal factories in the country. Chatar Singh and Mr. Thin Choon Chai on their appointment as members of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Sungai Buloh fireworks factory explosion disaster.

DAP is gravely concerned that 40 workers of the Bright Sparklers fireworks factory which was destroyed in the Sungai Buloh explosions disaster a week ago are still not accounted for.

DAP calls on Cabinet tomorrow to decide that eight Ministers and the Selangor Mentri Besar should appear before Royal Commission of Inquiry to give public testimony on the role of their Ministries in the Sungai Buloh fireworks factory disaster explosion. The Agrodome's Show business sheep on stage with audience in the Max Corkill from New Plymouth riding a Sunbeam motorcycle Deborah Smith, aged 10, holding up Marmite the cat dressed as Laddie the five year old sheepdog-Labrador cross dog sitting on Model wearing a tartan suit and bolero jacket which won Sarah Portrait of Prue Taylor, the only female member of the Close-up of an old Telecom telephone after being repurposed as a Close up of a Tudor-style dolls house with furnishings.

Margaret Mahy, author of the children's mystery series Portrait of Rewi Alley, New Zealand writer and political Rewi Alley, New Zealand writer and political activist speaking Bernard and June dancing at her sister in-law' Letitia's 21st This is my grandmother Charlotte Rita Dalrymple on my Born England , died suddenly at work in A man and a woman sat on a cart attached up to a horse on a Red Cross search dog unit dog Whizz and unit leader Nigel Walker Gold Band taxi driver, Mr Graham Ilton, with a collection box A group of women who deliver Red Cross meals-on-wheels, View across a field with sacks filled with onions in rows.

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