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Winner Golden Orange Award. The cast and crew of Moonlight. Winner Pauline Kael Breakout Award. Winner Dorian Award. Screenplay of the Year Barry Jenkins. Nominee Dorian Award. Winner Breakthrough Award. Nominee Breakthrough Award. Winner Gold Derby Award. Supporting Actor Mahershala Ali.

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Nominee Gold Derby Award. Supporting Actress Naomie Harris. Director Barry Jenkins. Cinematography James Laxton. Original Score Nicholas Britell. Nominee Golden Schmoes. Best Director of the Year Barry Jenkins. Winner Golden Trailer. Nominee Golden Trailer. Best Original Score A Winner Gotham Independent Film Award. Winner Special Gotham Jury Award. Nominee Guldbagge. Winner Halekulani Golden Orchid Award. Narrative Feature Barry Jenkins "Spare language and cinematography with a documentary feel illuminate the possibilities of love, Winner Hollywood Breakthrough Award.

Nominee IGN Award. Best Movie Actor Mahershala Ali. Best Movie Actress Naomie Harris. Winner Image Award. Nominee Image Award. Winner ICP Award. Nominee ICP Award. Best Supporting Actress Naomie Harris 3rd place. Best Supporting Actor Trevante Rhodes 5th place. Winner ICS Award. Nominee ICS Award. Best Picture 3rd place. Winner IFC Award. Nominee IFC Award.

"Moonlight" is an Essential Work of Art for the Current Political Moment | Bitch Media

Winner Sierra Award. Breakout Filmmaker of the Year Barry Jenkins.

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  • Follow Your Inner Moonlight.;

Nominee Sierra Award. Youth in Film Alex R. Best Picture 5th place. Supporting Actress of the Year Naomie Harris. Director of the Year Barry Jenkins. Screenwriter of the Year Barry Jenkins. Nominee Best Film.

Listen to Nicholas Britell’s Full Score for ‘Moonlight’

Official Competition Barry Jenkins. Winner Best Actor.

Mahershala Ali. International Competition Barry Jenkins. Cinema Barry Jenkins. Winner NBR Award. Best Youth Performance Alex R. Best Picture Tied with Jackie in second place. Best Cinematographer James Laxton. Best Supporting Actor Mahershala Ali 2nd place. Best Director Barry Jenkins 2nd place. Best Cinematography James Laxton 2nd place. Best Film 2nd place. Best Casting Yesi Ramirez. Winner Breakthrough Performance Award. Winner Directors to Watch. Nominee PGA Award.

Winner Audience Award - Honorable Mention. Centerpieces Barry Jenkins. Winner PCC Award.

Winston Porter

Nominee PCC Award. Best Performance by a Youth Alex R. Breakthrough Performance Mahershala Ali.

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  8. Nominee Robert. Nominee MovieZone Award. Winner Artisan Award. James Laxton Cinematography. Winner Outstanding Director of the Year Award. Winner Virtuoso Award. Naomie Harris. Winner Satellite Award. Best Screenplay, Original Barry Jenkins. Nominee Satellite Award. Winner Seattle Film Critics Award. Nominee Seattle Film Critics Award. Winner Critics Award. Nominee Turkish Cinema Award. Nominee Wyatt Award. Nominee Platform Prize. Best Actor Trevante Rhodes 8th place. Best Supporting Actor Trevante Rhodes 6th place. Best Supporting Actress Naomie Harris 4th place.

    Nominee Josephine Baker Award. Winner World Soundtrack Award. Discovery of the Year Nicholas Britell. Nominee World Soundtrack Award. Film Composer of the Year Nicholas Britell. Nominee Young Artist Award. I was married to the wrong person. My work left me stressed and exhausted. And I longed for the courage to follow my dreams. Dreams of having a child, of finding someone who made me feel truly loved, and being brave enough to write the stories that filled my mind. I was thirty-nine. People told me I was crazy to leave my marriage.

    They said the chances of meeting the great love I dreamed of were very low at my age. That I was probably already too old for a baby. They giggled at my writing dreams, implying that writing romance was a strange and low-class thing to aspire to. And they reminded me that people who wrote books rarely got published anyway. I felt like everywhere I turned, from friends to therapists to self-help books, I was told the same thing.

    Make peace with the status quo. Be grateful for what I had. But at some point, my inner moonlight, that madness, that yearning for the things I needed like air, took over. I had no idea how my life would end up, but I knew that this could not be it. So, I started a book. I left my unhappy marriage.

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    And you know what? All those well-meaning friends, therapists and self-help authors, who told me to accept my life as it was, were wrong. I found the person who truly loves me. We had a child. From the moment I met my husband, I knew I was exactly where I was meant to be.