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Augustine, St.

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Bernard and St. Available also in English and Polish. The reader will be able, in this way, to understand the meaning and also the practice of fasting in old Israel, for Jesus and the Apostles, for the original Christian community and for the great Church Fathers, and to understand again and live fasting in today's Church. La donna cristiana secondo gli insegnamenti della tradizione apostolica , Il Leone Verde, ; pages.

Available only in Italian. After a survey of the historic and social context of the Hellenistic-Roman world, the book goes on explaining the traditional Christian doctrine about women: their metaphysical subordination to men, the spiritual value of obedience, the biological and psychological trends of being woman, the issues of the veil and dress, the exclusion of women from priesthood and many other themes. The Capital Vices. Available also in Polish and Czech.

Available also in Spanish and Portuguese. A easy-read book, easy to read, but also accurate at the historical-scientific level. The sources on which this book is based are the New Testament, some apocryphal hagiographic tales, the works of the Church Fathers and of ancient historians, as well as recent historiographical and archaeological studies. The book is written in a clear and easy-read style. The longer you let that coal burn the hotter it will get. I think the best thing to do is what my friends did.

My friends were engaged when the boy was 18 and the girl was 14, so they got to know each other well and they soon fell for each other. At the ages of 21 e 17 their parents got them married , but they had rules. This worked out perfectly for them. My friend became more mature and responsible and he became a better student. He was a straight B student before , but after his marriage he became straight A. They both had halal means of controlling their hormones and they developed a deep love for each other.

Alhamdulilah they are living together now with two children. Inshallah if i said anything good it is from Allah , and if I said something wrong or not of any benefit that is my fault alone. Well it seems that theres a lot of anger about the society in your heart and thats true as well we hve turned into muslim from diffrent religions unfortunately some of thoses false believes couldnt be abundand by us for instance a girl should be asked for her intention nd will wether to get married with a person or not but non of us actually ask them nd thats basically not Islam its hindu vulture nd a lot of other stuff but when it comes to the rights of male nd female females hve far more rights than males hve because females r weaker nd Allah made em not our fault nd Islam is the religion of the weak but to make a married life perfactly beautiful the duties r designated nd men are made the head of the family as they hve the tendency to bear nd get off from tensed situation , stronger heart nd built , better decesion making capabilities nd stuff like that.

انظم الينا على الفايسبوك

In the end jst wana say u commented above that because of this discrimination or watever u dont like religion well ur this kinds of thoughts wont give any harm to Allah or his religion but to urself cuz we all r gonna die may be an hour a day or some years nd we r goin to be raised up again by Allah almighty u can not question Allah one did nd got cast away frm Jannah nd called satin for remaining days of his life nd Allah damned him u know the truth dont u..

PLz recognize him for he is our worst enemy of all time. This is a very important topic. If the author has really written this with an intention to hurt the sisters , then obviously he will be questioned on the day of judgement. The message was very clear and we have seen some youngsters were happy to understand , the core point. Inshallah lets hope and pray for ourselves and our Muslim friends all over the world , to stay away from such sins.

I am talking to my frend and she is a girl , she is just my frend not my girlfrend , is that right to talk wid her in islam rules? I think Andrea needs to learn the positive aspects of this message from sister Sana. This is a universal message.

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I believe anybody can take a good lesson from it. I admit it may have focused on women more than men but it is undeniably true that men are equally or more responsible in comitting zina than women. I urge both men and women to take home a lesson for them from this article. No one is perfect and no male is superior than a female or vice versa other than good actions and piety. Read the articles and keep low …. Andrea : This is no place to vent ur stupid anger ……… u r just being a quarrelsome person ……..

May Allah blesss u with good knowledge ……. Assalamualaikum… i am a parent of 3 young adults and i had been young once too. Next the virtues of the love and bondage created.. Never ever vent anger to children and alway ever call your children by the dearest names you can think of even they are adults because love knows no age. My children are still my babies no matter what their age are.

Cos’è l’Islam? (parte 1 di 4): L’essenza dell’Islam

Islam is itself a religion of peace and love. So … when it comes to loving someone , Dio S. T bestows us with the Icon of love itself. T has destined one person for each one of us … all we need to do is save ourselves from the rest and wait for that one person … sure , there is going to be many options that come your way , that tempt you with dreams of a happy life together and some of them may even be sincere …. Assallam wa alaikum to all my brothers and sisters.. Andrea , i think you bear a lot of grouse on this presentattion , i really would want to know you and understand your point very well before i can say anything.

Well In Islam Zina is a sin , who do it , the parents of their children should guide them and restrict their out going and bad things so that they should know the right path to follow. Salam alaikoum. I think that most of these problems can be resolved if parents started marrying their teenage children to avoid zina and sin. Like they used to.

I am final , I am sorry , but it is all does not approach. There are other variants? Esta respuesta , es incomparable. Completely I share your opinion. It is excellent idea. It is ready to support you. I am sorry , that has interfered … At me a similar situation. Is ready to help. Und so kommt es auch vor :. Ja , wirklich. So kommt es vor. Geben Sie wir werden diese Frage besprechen. Ist Einverstanden , die sehr gute Mitteilung.

Many thanks for the help in this question. Credo che si fanno errori. Scrivere a me in PM , parlare. I am very grateful to you. Many thanks. Assalamulaikum , i have a qns. Lets say a girl and a guy commit fornication b4 marriage and the guy leaves the gal after touchin her sayin that he dont like her. Is it even a worser act? Jazakallah for such good article …. Sorry 4 repeatin e qns. Can i know , if both a male and a female has commited fornication and the guy leaves the gal after touchin her. Isit a worser act?

Can there be anyway that such people can perform thauba , refuses to commit the sin again and leads a good religious life?? Assalamulekum brother. I heard a lecture from a sheikh about this subject masterbation pratica di mano and he said it is allowed in case that you might fall in to zina. If you think I have to masterbate or else I am going to commit zina then the sheikh said it is preferable that you do masterbate. I agree , men should start wearing the hijab. Subhanallah… Ya Allah protect us from the evil of Shaytaan.

Guard our eeman and make us among Your believing servants. Ya Allah! Give us courage to overcome our negative whims and desires. Forgive us our past mistakes and foil the ones we are planning to commit in the future Ya Rabbil Alameen. Strenghten our Eeman and make us among the Forgiven servants on Yaumul Qiyama by establishing us among the Dwellers of Jannah.

Ameen Ya Rabb. This article is not really realistic. Plenty of Christians and Jews have relationships and there is no pre-marital sex. It is the males that seek them out , not the way this article indicates it is the females. And thirdly , there is a major danger in telling young people to dismiss and forget their desires for the opposite sex , and then waiting a long time. You will find that by the time the waiting period is done , these men and women no longer have any desire for marriage at all , and you are going to just create more problems by forcing it on them.

First force them not to , then when you succeed you will try to put the genie back in the lamp so to speak. Finalmente, I agree with one of the above commentators that state modern society is wrong. There is only child or adult , and an adult is anybody passing puberty. This notion that the a person that passed puberty is too young is a Western notion , and adopting it into Islam is folly. In modern society there is no separation of male and female , so a male that can not interact with females is going to have serious trouble in this world.

How will he succeed in school? How will he then get a job , and move up in a career? Maybe the prophet behaved shyly among women , but that will not work for our non-prophet boys. Now an admission for my part. So maybe for the attractive boys it is a very difficult issue. For them , definitely marriage as soon as possible.

But since I know many non-Muslims , it seems that most boys are really not considered attractive so Zina is very unlikely to occur.

Il digiuno nell’Islam | New Muslim Guide

Many do not get a girlfriend until their mid or late 20s , I know many in their 30s who are still single , and these are non-Muslims that are actively searching. This statement clearly explain about the final result which would lead for a girl or to a boy. Thank alot for the author for this great eyplanation. And i too think in the case of boy -girl relationship , it is the same rule given for the both gender. May Allah Subhanuvathala help both the genders to be protected. This and from so many other articles like these I am surprised you are telling the teenagers to abstain from the opposite gender — but you are not teling what they should do in order to choose a spouse.

How can one possibly decide who to marry by staying away from them. Interestingly , Sh. Surprisingly nobody is talking about courtship , and there is so much talk on the no-no for a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship! People , that was the middle way. Please talk about it. Sito web. Facebook Fanpage. Messaggio Valutazione. Condividi questo Tweet.

Stress Busters for Marriage Marriage in Islam.

1) Fede in Dio

Non mescolare liberamente con il sesso opposto. Che cosa ha portato a questa? Come avvicinarli? Non dimenticare i ragazzi Dopo aver preso cura della figlia, Passo ora a concentrare l'attenzione sul figlio.

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