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Following this, CEO Massimo Ruta recalled the major milestones of the Italian activities throughout the years, emphasized the close ties with the Austrian headquarters and also honored the memory of the late Mrs. Family Day am Standort in Rom Der Juni war in der Via Amsterdam in Rom ganz den Mitarbeitern gewidmet. Bedeutung der externen Kommunikation und der engen internen Zusammenarbeit zur Erreichung gemeinsamer Ziele. Die Veranstaltung fand am Christian Plas denkstatt GmbH presented in various case studies how companies integrate social responsibility and ecological sustainability within their products and core business.

Brau Union, for example, reduced its costs and risks by cutting the consumption of energy, water and other resources. At the same time, the company was able to strengthen its market position through responsible alcohol consumption measures, such as cooperation with youth clubs, as well as the development, production and sale of non-alcoholic beer. A catalog of non-profit-oriented goals and tangible measuring data credibly testifies the progress. Also, Henkel CEE considers sustainability to be a driving force for the value of a business. As well as the financial goals, the management at Henkel also has concrete sustainability goals to fulfill.

This sustainable practice not only leads to innovative approaches for the core business but is also looked upon favorably by an increasing number of investors. Corporate responsibility is a key driver for innovation and the future ecological and economic viability of companies. Erfolgreiches 6. FH Dr. Auch Henkel sieht das Thema Nachhaltigkeit als Werttreiber.

Grassl betonte, dass bei Henkel Corporate Responsibility in jedem Arbeitsschritt integriert wird, wie beispielsweise bei der Entwicklung neuer Produkte. Das Management hat somit neben den finanziellen auch konkrete Nachhaltigkeitsziele zu erreichen. Unter den Teilnehmern des 6. The top-class panel also included Dr. Heinz Fischer, former President of Austria. Mal hochrangige internationale Vertreter aus Wirtschaft und Politik in Wien zusammen. Heinz Fischer abgerundet.

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Unser breites Angebot an Spielen wurde sehr gut aufgenommen. As policymakers in different stages of the reform process in partner countries. This market for while implementation support is delegated mainly to GIZ and external sources of reform advice and assistance is increasing- KfW, one might expect a pattern by which German embassies ly competitive Parks et al.

Specifically, we evaluate the performance of official during reform implementation. Collective- bilateral development partner.

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Among the top-rated bilateral development partners are those that are relatively small in 3. Critics average score of DAC bilaterals using asterisks to indicate argue that there are often discrepancies between the policy statistical significance. Also, in spite GIZ received a score of 3. The prescriptions of development in the analysis. Survey participants, on average, found policy partners sometimes fail to take into account local context, advice provided by GIZ to be useful more than half the time.

Thus, the perspectives of in-country stakeholders are an average DAC bilateral development partner. These scores indicate that To this end, the Reform Efforts Survey asked survey survey participants perceive German embassy and KfW policy participants to indicate—on a scale of 1 to 5—how often the advice to be useful, on average, about half of the time. A score of 1 indicated that advice contained useful One potential reason why GIZ may be perceived to be a more information almost never, a score of 2 indicated that advice was valuable source of advisory services among the three German useful less than half the time, a score of 3 indicated that advice development actors is that GIZ enjoys an extensive field pres- was useful about half the time, a score of 4 indicated that ence, which is unmatched by KfW and German embassies.

GIZ advice was useful more than half the time, and a 5 indicated also provides purportedly demand-driven technical assistance 26 that advice was useful almost always. Figure 4 rank-orders to its partner countries at various stages of the policymaking 30 the top 10 development partners out of 86 as well as German process OECD-DAC a, p. Indeed, as we will show in embassies, GIZ, and KfW based on their average scores in our descriptive analysis, GIZ also consistently outperformed terms of the usefulness of their policy advice. The figure also German embassies, KfW, and an average DAC bilateral 27 shows whether the average scores of usefulness for German donor on the other two development partner performance development actors as well as the top ten most useful devel- indicators.

To ensure that our estimated averages are not derived from only a few observations, we drop all those development partners for which the number of observations did not exceed 10, which reduces the number of development partners included in the analysis from 96 to We use the same calculation in computing the DAC bilateral average of policy advice usefulness, agenda-setting influence, and helpfulness during reform implementation throughout the report.

This finding is somewhat surprising given that most technical assistance programs are advisory in nature. It may reflect the fact that many technical assistance programs are not tailored to the needs and interests of partner countries. The number of participants who evaluated a given development partner in the survey is reported in brackets next to the name of the donor while the rankings of German development partners are reported in brackets next to their scores.

We excluded those development partners for which the number of participants did not exceed the threshold of 10, which reduced the number of development partners included in the ranking from 96 to Difference-in-means tests are conducted to evaluate whether German development actors and the top 10 performers have scores that are statistically different from the average scores of DAC bilateral development partners. At the same time, it is worth noting that some of the devel- on this indicator of policy advice usefulness.

First, both opment partners that provided the most useful policy advice development partners put an emphasis on country ownership, are small in organizational size and have a narrowly-defined working closely with host governments to integrate new 31 sectoral focus. For instance, the Global Alliance for Vaccines programs into the existing health systems.

Second and relatedly, both organizations respectively. There are at least three possible reasons why administer performance-based financing programs that are these development partners performed particularly well designed to give domestic reformers in the countries where 31 As Parks et al.

Inasmuch as these programs generate local specific, participant-identified, reforms without specifying demand for analytical and advisory inputs that can inform the mechanisms by which this influence was exerted. Survey domestic reform processes, they may enable GAVI and the participants assigned scores on a scale from 0 no influence Global Fund to provide relatively more demand-driven policy at all to 5 maximum influence.

Figure 5 compares the official advice in comparison to aid agencies that rely less heavily German development actors against the top 10 development on performance-based funding mechanisms. Bank and the IMF. Somewhat smaller European bilateral German embassies and KfW also registered scores in the development partners, many of whom provide general second highest quartile of development partners with budget support as a means to achieve some degree of policy scores of 2.

Additionally, we ; Del Biondo These results 34 Agenda? The Reform Efforts Survey asked participants to et. It is likely that when participants evaluated the European Union as a whole, they were primarily evaluating the role of the European Commission and its engagement with host countries. For example, after providing significant financial support in exchange for use of airspace over Turkey, the U.

The IMF assumed this monitoring role because they were regarded as neutral, credible, and technically proficient third-party that could more effectively pressure the Turkish authorities to remain fiscally disciplined Momani The number of participants who evaluated a given development partner in the survey is reported in brackets next to the name of the donor while the rankings of German development partners are reported in brackets next to their scores in the figure.

We excluded those development partners for which the number of participants did not exceed the threshold of 10, which reduced the number of development partners included in the ranking from 97 to Similar to our other findings on advice usefulness and There is an active debate about whether or not development agenda-setting influence, several organizations with high partner involvement during the implementation of reforms levels of sectoral specialization—such as GAVI 3.

One camp Global Environment Facility 3. It is also worth mentioning that survey participants regarded Swedish embassies to be among the most helpful development The Reform Efforts Survey asked participants to estimate partners during reform implementation. Although the underly- the degree to which development partners helped partner ing factors that account for this pattern are not entirely clear, country counterparts successfully implement reforms on a one potential explanation may be that Sweden has concen- scale from 0 not at all helpful to 5 extremely helpful.

Using trated their development resources and efforts in a few select this indicator, Figure 6 lists the top 10 development partners sectors and countries. This narrow focus may enable them to out of 72 and presents the rankings of German development develop close working relationships with policymakers within 36 actors and an average DAC bilateral development partner. Indeed, Sweden has traditionally devoted a disproportionate amount of development finance GIZ received the highest score 3.

They 36 See Figure B. The number of participants who evaluated a given development partner in the survey is reported in brackets next to the name of the development partner while the rankings of German development partners are reported in brackets next to their scores in the figure.

We excluded those development partners for which the number of participants did not exceed the threshold of 10, which reduced the number of development partners included in the ranking from 89 to GIZ Figure 7 shows the perceived level of policy advice usefulness, has approximately 17, employees, and approximately 80 agenda-setting influence, and helpfulness in reform implemen- percent of its employees work abroad.

The World Bank, by tation of various German development actors, as compared to contrast, has some 12, employees. Nordic donor agencies mance. The World Bank, in particular, scored consistently and perform comparably to, or even better than, some of the other substantially higher than the overall DAC average and other major donor agencies on our three dimensions of perfor- major DAC bilateral donor agencies in terms of usefulness mance: policy advice usefulness, agenda-setting influence, and of its policy advice with a score of 3. The dashed grey lines represent the overall average scores of the DAC bilaterals excluding German development partners.

Figure 8 suggests that large multilateral 39 and supranational donors, such as the World Bank and the EU, Custer et al. There are a number of potential reasons why multilateral Following the same methodology used in Custer et al. One reason is that these described in section 2. The same data are used here to generate our Value for Money index presented in Figure 8.

However, it is important to note that the ranking of development partners presented in this study differs slightly from Custer et al. Custer et al. IMF Another reason is that multilateral institutions ; Parks et al. In response to international calls for limited number of sectors is consistent with broader efforts by increased aid efficiency and effectiveness United Nations international development actors to pursue greater sectoral 41 This latter argument does not hold in the case of the European Union, which — as a supranational body — has important commercial and geopolitical interests of its own.

The The Reform Efforts Survey allows us to analyse the policy corresponding numbers for German embassies and KfW are areas in which survey participants considered German devel- significantly lower. This is likely due to their different roles as opment partners to be particularly effective in providing useful well as their comparatively small field presence. We find with GIZ is higher than the percentage of survey participants that Germany was perceived to have performed particularly who worked with an average DAC bilateral development well among those survey participants whose policy area of partner; in contrast, lower percentages of survey participants expertise was the environment.

In no other policy area does interacted with KfW and German embassies than with an aver- Germany consistently outperform an average DAC develop- age non-German DAC bilateral in most of the policy clusters. Importantly, despite the primacy of governance as one of the key priorities of German development strategy, Figure 9 also reveals substantial variation in the degree of we do not find evidence that survey participants with policy interaction with development partners by policy cluster i. These percentages are much higher than Accessibility and Engagement: Frequency of the corresponding numbers for survey participants in the Interaction and Involvement in Implementation, by other policy clusters.

Policy Cluster These findings seem to closely align with the strategic We use data from the Reform Efforts Survey to explore the priorities of German development cooperation during comparative strengths of German development partners in the period covered by the survey, which put a particular different policy clusters: namely, macroeconomic, social, agri- emphasis on environmental protection e.

Figure 9 presents the local environmental issues, and renewable energy Hicks 43 percentage of survey participants who interacted with German et al. In particular, Germany has development actors by policy cluster.

Institute of Political Science

By contrast, among those individuals who interacted the EU in reform implementation efforts. The figure exhibits a directly with German embassies, a relatively large propor- pattern akin to what we observed in Figure 9. S … seems to have established a de facto division of labour in the area of democratic reform: U.

By contrast, involvement in reform implementation efforts. Far fewer indicated that German governance expertise. In fact, influence, and Helpfulness During Reform survey participants from the governance policy cluster did Implementation, by Policy Cluster not perceive Germany to be a particularly strong performer compared to the average DAC bilateral development Table illustrates how Germany fares against an average partner. This finding should give German policymakers DAC bilateral development partner on three different meas- pause and provoke organizational introspection.

Governance ures of performance: usefulness of policy advice, agenda-set- was one of the six key policy areas of German development co- ting influence, and helpfulness during reform implementation. Germany has also invested 47 ences in the estimated averages between these two different in efforts to promote tax transparency, strengthen domestic development partners and examine whether Germany scored revenue generation, and government accountability, which all significantly below or above the overall DAC bilateral average.

These results reinforce our earlier finding that within this policy cluster. These findings suggest that Ger- Germany engaged more intensively with survey participants many has relatively little influence on governance reform with environmental policy expertise than survey participants priorities in its partner countries.

Walter Eucken

Additionally, they suggest with any other types of policy expertise. Difference-in-means tests are conducted to evaluate whether German development actors have scores that are statistically different from the average scores of DAC bilateral development partners excluding German development actors.

These findings confirm our earlier report. The promotion of equal rights is a matter of course for us. Severely disabled persons and these equals severely disabled persons who are equally suitable for the position will be considered preferentially within the framework of legal requirements. Please send your application indicating job offer code-no. Closing date for application is June 2nd, The position is limited to three years. GERICS develops prototype products in the area of climate services and works in close cooperation with science and practice partners from politics, economy and administration.

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Severely disabled persons and those equaling severely disabled persons who are equally suitable for the position will be considered preferentially within the framework of legal requirements. Closing date for application is June 26th, The positions are limited to 20 month. The project aims to identify the institutional and socio-cultural success factors for an effective provision and application of climate services. The project therefore consists of two case studies, which are coordinated but carried out independently of each other.

The results will contribute to a better understanding and organization of co-development processes and thus ultimately to the joint development of more tailor-made climate services. Your tasks:.