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More radical ones would discern the phenomenon of selective memory in the entire Bonn Republic: a western capitalist establishment that cultivated indifference towards the history of the nation to ensure its affluence via consumerism, going hand-in-hand with the USA, as well as the anti-communist hatred. The appointment of Georg Kiesinger a former member of the Nazi party as a Chancellor added to the fear that spoke of shameless cynicism from the German democracy which was not yet done with its Nazi past, since the state apparatus was manned by a number of ex-Nazis.

During the same time, the world was suffering from incidents that would make their mark on contemporary history. The Vietnam War would smear the image of America, lifting off the liberal cloak that draped it. The French May of would turn out to be a milestone for the European youth and the riots from the students would spark the outbreak of European youth against an aged regime. The same year, the Prague Spring would be tainted by the Soviet invasion. In the wake of these events, the young people of Germany would finally get motivated, especially the students who would try to channel protest into creativity: they would either become active in the political arena or they would engage themselves in arts and rock music or they would turn to the armed fight, resorting with no second thought to violence in order to pursue their revolutionary visions.

On October 18, the German authorities announce the death of Andreas Baader, Jan-Carl Raspe and Gudrun Ensslin who were imprisoned with charges of terrorism offences and were kept in the so-called white cells in the prison of Stammheim. Their death was concluded as suicide. The existence of many blank spots in the case like where did they get the guns from to carry out the suicide pact rouse complaints whose target was the German state as the responsible for the death of the masterminds of the organization.

During the s, riots broke out in West Berlin including an attack at the American Embassy. The young students began to form political entities, just like Kommune 1 which was created in West Berlin and it would not take too long to show its nonconformist disposition by issuing a proclamation applauding the attack at a mall in Belgium that claimed many lives, urging the Germans to do the same the German justice took exception to this and sued them, but everyone was declared innocent.

The situation came to a head when Rudi Dutschke a short-lived member of Kommune 1 , a vehement supporter of the student movement, was nearly killed by the mentally defective Nazi sympathizer Josef Bachmann. Raging protests broke out anew and Meinhof called people to resist through the column of her magazine. A week before, Baader, Ensslin and two other people had set a department store in Frankfurt on fire and they were arrested shortly after.

Baader, who had violated his probation, was arrested and imprisoned anew. Meinhof, who had resigned from the magazine she was working at, would assist him to escape, an act that would change her life for ever. To this day, psychologists and censors of public life have attempted to put their finger on how an acknowledged journalist of the left and mother of two children was converted to an active member of RAF. Not long after that, the manifesto a fiery denunciation of capitalism and imperialism of the group was issued where its name was announced: Red Army Faction and its acronym RAF.

Influenced by Che whose tactic was to give fights mainly in the countryside , they would seek to take the armed revolutionary fight to the urban centres, provided that they would inspire other revolutionary groups with their enterprises. They believed that the conditions were rife for the fall of capitalism in a western country and its collapse would be sped up if they coordinated at the same time, the Red Brigades were formed in Italy that would follow a similar tactic.

Horst Herold, who was responsible to track down and terminate RAF, aided by technology began to amass a huge volume of data, intruding the private life of thousands of civilians until he achieved his goal: the arrest of Baadar, Meinhof and other members of the group. During the presidency of the social democrat Willy Brandt, a decree was issued that forbade people who were considered to have radical views, especially if they were members of such parties, to work as civil servants.

When they were transported to the infamous cells of Stammheim, they went through tortures similar to these displayed in The Clockwork Orange according to their lawyers. They went on hunger strikes. Also, due to the prison conditions, it was decided to call upon a popular person, the intellectual Jean-Paul Sartre to step in and meet Baader in order to get across the demands of the prisoners to the wide public.

The meeting illustrated the unbridged gap between the young Baader who was making up for the theoretical gaps in his mind with action and the aged philosopher who was in disagreement with the practices of the group, their hoary demands and, above all, the violence that was not befitting to the German left. The trial of the members began amidst protests and was turned into a daily parody due to the attitude of the accused who were mocking the judges and were insisting on better living conditions.

Meinhof committed suicide under ambiguous circumstances and the morale of the prisoners was constantly waning. After numerous turnarounds of the authorities, the dead body of the kidnapped was found in a deserted car. An even more impressive attempt of claiming back the prisoners followed up by hijacking a Lufthansa airplane with the demand of exchanging the hostages with the prisoners in Stammheim.

After a brief odyssey the hijacking came to an end with the release of the hostages and the death of three hijackers only Souhaila Andrawes survived as a result of the raid of the German Federal Police. After the death of the three founding members, RAF was regrouped and carried on its operations which were fizzling out with the passage of time until the fall of the Soviet Union sources speak of clandestine funding of the organization from the USSR.

Some sporadic attacks that followed up are held as the lingering swan song of RAF and terror over Europe. Siarhei Betau Alexey Kedryuk. Samuel Groth 6—4, 6—2. Artem Smirnov. Juho Paukku Radu Albot. Nick Lindahl 7—6 7—5 , 6—3. Brydan Klein. Colin Ebelthite Adam Feeney 7—5, 6—2. Chris Letcher Brendan Moore. Jerzy Janowicz 7—6 8—6 , 6—3. Alexander Bury. Siarhei Betau Dzmitry Zhyrmont 7—6 7—2 , 3—6, [10—7]. Alexander Bury Nikolai Fidirko. David Goffin 6—4, 7—5. Adrien Bossel.

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Chris Haggard Conor Pollock 6—3, 6—2. Jean Andersen Joshua Zavala. Christian Lindell 7—6 8—6 , 6—2. Tiago Fernandes Theodoros Angelinos. Tiago Fernandes Bruno Semenzato. Peter Torebko. Stefan Seifert Jan-Lennard Struff. Nicolas Kiefer Stefan Seifert 3—6, 6—2, [10—7]. Juho Paukku 6—3, 6—2. Andrea Falgheri Claudio Grassi 6—1, 6—3. Paris Gemouchidis Alexandros Jakupovic. Alessio di Mauro 7—6 7—4 , 6—4.

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Greg Ouellette Maciek Sykut 6—2, 6—4. Siarhei Betau 4—6, 7—6 8—6 , 7—6 7—3. Jerzy Janowicz. Alexander Bury Samuel Groth. Siarhei Betau Dzmitry Zhyrmont 6—3, 6—3. Vitali Reshetnikov Andrei Vasilevski. Marcel Zimmermann.


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Terrorism and krautrock in postwar Germany

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Alexandros Arenas Amon by Valerio Manfredi

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Jonathan Gonzalia 6—4, 6—4. Guillermo Bujniewicz Renzo Olivo. Rafael Camilo 6—4, 6—1.


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